The History of Beacon Marketing

What is the history of beacon marketing? The newest adjuncts to the domain of digital marketing are called beacons. These are low-energy, Bluetooth devices transmitting identifiable, unique signals to compatible apps on your smartphone. The apps then display your message to everyone within a specific radius, such as within a hundred meter range. Beacons are a cost-effective technique in marketing which broadcasts your message to a specific geographic range. There are no longer third parties involved, as you connect straight to your customer in an instant.


Since 2013, beacons have generated a buzz when iBeacon technology was first introduced. It may have been slow catching on but today, it is catching major fire. Since it was first developed by Apple in 2013, IBM and Apple have teamed up to incorporate apps with analytics. This technology was first developed by Apple to enable Apple device technology to alert websites or apps when someone leaves or approaches a specific location.

For example, venues such as retail stores detect when customers leave and a timely message push notification to promote products or provide information the customer can use appears on their smartphone, enticing them to make a purchase or to stay a little longer. Beacons can be used to speed up the process of checking out and to make personalized offers. In fact, it can be used for just about anything you can think of.

Industries Employing Beacons

Retail is probably where beacons are employed the most at the moment. Lord & Taylor and Macy’s deploy beacons in stores. Customers who have installed the retail store apps get push notifications from marketing beacons as they walk around the store. Other businesses can also use beacons. For example, fans in stadiums are getting seat upgrades from Major League Baseball. Also, beacons are being used instead of hotel keys for Starwood hotels. Beacons are being used by American Airlines to stay connected with their customers. You will soon see beacons turning up everywhere, from corporate lobbies to trade show booths.

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