What Is Notification Marketing?

What Is Notification Marketing? Also known as marketing beacons, notification marketing is the newest, most interesting addition to the world of marketing. For publishers, notification marketing offers a new stream of revenue. For advertisers, marketing beacons mean direct access to the most relevant consumers. Basically notification marketing advertises your business by sending a notification to smartphones within 100 meters around you via Bluetooth.

Sometimes called web push notifications, notification marketing beacons are pop-ups that appear on a mobile device or on a web browser. When done right, users automatically get engaging, useful and timely content right on their desktop or mobile device.

Super Effective

Marketing beacons are very effective. Push notification click through rates are almost forty percent according to one study. There are other benefits including the fact that you can target users based on behavior and interest. You can deliver your beacon at the right moment such as when a consumer is at the check-out counter. Basically, messages sent through marketing beacons simply can’t be ignored. The moment a user opts in; there is a big chance you can get your message delivered.

The Best Part

The best part is that marketing beacons deliver your message straight to the user rather than through an email service or a third party. Compared to emails that get ignored hour after hour, marketing beacons are immediately seen and acted upon. What a huge difference this is going to make for you.


What Can I Use Notification Marketing For?

You can use marketing beacons to drive user action. This can include downloads, freebies, offers, sales and time-sensitive deals. Marketing beacons can also be used for delivering information needed by users at certain times such as breaking news alerts and notifications on social media.

How Does It Work?

The way marketing beacons work is that the moment your client opens a browser, they receive an opt-in request. The moment they opt in, they get push notifications that they can click and which are sent to them even when users are not on their websites. These are made of a shortened URL, image, body copy and title on desktop. On a mobile device, it looks like a regular system notification or a regular app.

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