The New Wave of Marketing With Beacons

Get ready for a brand new wave of marketing with beacons. Forehound Tracker beacons are changing the way marketing is being done for business. This is the wave of the future and the most cost-effective way of getting the word out on the street. With beacon broadcast marketing, you can automatically reach all the people around you within one hundred yards. Your transmitter will automatically display your business name to every mobile device. Your company name, brand, website and message will be transmitted through Bluetooth to everyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can use Forehound Tracker on its own or add in into your existing marketing campaign to supplement and get new results that meet your business objectives.

Marketing Beacon
Proximity Marketing Beacons from ForeHound LLC

A Real Game-Changer

Get the word out on the street at no extra cost to you by using a beacon. This style of broadcast marketing may be all you need to finally meet those marketing objectives. Mass marketing has never been so easy. With the use of a marketing beacon, you and all the members of your team successfully advertise your business within a hundred yards, every day. What a cool way to achieve effortless marketing for your company. Whenever you are stuck in traffic, out on a date, crossing busy city streets or watching the latest movie on Saturday night, your handy transmitter never stops working. This gets you the results your company deserves.

Cost Effective

Trying to get the word out on the street without breaking the bank? With a marketing beacon, you can spread the word about your business quickly, easily and to everyone within your range. You will be able to transmit any marketing message you want to every mobile device within range. All you need to do is to watch the leads pour in when you slip the transmitter into your pocket. This is a convenient method of doing mass marketing using Bluetooth messaging and a beacon.

The Whole Team Gets The Job Done

You can be creative and assign different Bluetooth messages to each team member. This enables you to run multi-campaigns with no extra cost and zero effort. Your existing team automatically does double-duty by marketing your business the moment you equip each of them with a Forehound Tracker. This saves you from having to hire an entire agency or new team just to get the word out about your services. What a great way to save time and money!

Deeper Analytics

Create advanced reports and deeper analytics for every tracker as you view the most useful web reports in the world. The new wave of marketing with beacons gets you accurate numbers. Know which messages are getting the most responses. Understand which marketing message gets the most results. You will finally know what works and what does not. There won’t be any guesswork involved. You can finally make everyone aware of your brand constantly and on a daily basis, at a fraction of the normal cost and gain accurate analytics in the process. In fact, maybe a Forehound Tracker is all you need to finally change your company’s game for the better.

It’s easy to get started! Just head over to our proximity marketing page and sign up!

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